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Luna's Downtime

I originally didn't post here because I didn't think that anyone still checked this journal. After some thought, I've decided that it's probably better to cover all our bases. (Especially since the site has been down for a little longer than expected.) The site will be back. Don't worry guys. It's not gone for good.

Sally posted on the Lunaescence page on facebook. She doesn't run the page, but she does use it to let everyone know what's going on when the site has problems. You can find the page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lunaescence/297801550259769?ref=stream

It's a public page, so I don't think you need to like it to see Sally's post. However, I'll c/p it here just in case.

"So what happened to Lunaescence?

We've grown again. This month we topped the charts at almost 10,000 people a DAY visiting our website.

That much traffic crashed the server. Right before they took us down, we were using 5 times the amount of resources we're allotted. My host brought us down so the rest of their clients that share our server can have their websites.

I'm working to resolve this, but it's going to take a bit of time. I'll keep everyone posted on what's happening. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for being with us to celebrate our biggest year yet!"
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Luna group on Facebook!

Hey guys, apples4ryuk here. A new, unofficial Lunaescence group has been made on Facebook to keep everyone from Luna together and in the know.

Here's the link, but if it doesn't work just search "Unofficial Lunaescence."

Hope to see more Luna members there!! :D
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Luna news?

I was just wondering if any of the mods have heard about Luna recently? It's been down for awhile, and a lot of us are just wondering what's going on. I know Sally is very busy but if you guys have heard anything at all, that in itself would be a comfort! Just a small update if you guys know anything? (: Thanks!

Holiday Fic Trade 2011

Hey, guys. Even with the site down, KS is still running fic trade. A few modifications had to be made due to the site being down, so please pay attention and bear with me through the long explanation.


-It will be done entirely by email, not posted on the site. You will be free to post your submissions to the site under your own username on January 1st or later, of course.
-We won't need betas for this round. Since everything is going through email unvalidated authors don't have to worry about finding a validated beta reader who is participating to post for them or going through the queue and having a mod reassign the name. (KS will just "validate" and send it along or "decline" and return it with a list of errors that need to be fixed.)
-If you are not validated and feel that you need a beta, feel free to use your normal beta rather than a fic trade beta.
-KS does have a list of fic trade betas, though. So if you really need one and don't have one already, let her know.
-We do still need spares, though, just in case someone has an unforeseen issue that pops up and prevents them from doing the fic trade.
-Even if the site comes back up before the deadline, KS intends to run this round through email, just in case it's still having issues or goes back down again.


Thanks to the lovely Kay, who just happened to have the thread open when the site went down, 18 profiles have been recovered. KS believes this is everyone who posted in the original registration thread. Here is the list of people whose profiles are recorded.

-Miss Chocobo
-Koneko Mizuki

If you are NOT on that list and want to participate, email kerrigansheehan [at] yahoo [dot] com by DECEMBER 10. The form can be found below.


We haz them.

-KS is keeping the posting deadlines as the 25th for most fics and the 31st for the 5,000+ word fics and spares, but the registration deadline will be extended.
-KS is going to hand out assignments on Sunday, Decmeber 11th. She will start matching before then, but she can shuffle things around as long as you get your registration to her by email by Saturday the 10th. The earlier the better, though.
-Start sending in fics at any time after your prompts are given. Email them to kerrigansheehan [at] yahoo [dot] com. They will be re-emailed to your recipient.


Email it to kerrigansheehan [at] yahoo [dot] com. She will send it to your recipient.


For those of you who haven't yet registered, here is the registration form. Please remember that the fourth prompt must be regardless of fandom, meaning that it can be written as OF or in any fandom.

Luna Username:
Contact e-mail:

Prompt #1:
Max rating:

Prompt #2:
Max rating:

Prompt #3:
Max rating:

Prompt #4:
Type: (RI/OC)
Max rating:

Personal Profile
Max rating:
Max length:
What I will not write:
Validated or unvalidated?

Spare: (Y/N)
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Database Issues... Again

Sorry guys, it isn't your imagination, but Lunaescence is down again.

The database started having issues about 8am CST yesterday morning and only got worse over the course of the day.  By the time I got out of work and got home around 7pm CST, the site was barely functional.

I've disabled the site until I can sit down and have a good look at it.  I'm really sorry, but it might be down for a bit. 

I work as a software developer (user interface) and I have a demo/beta release due December 15th, so I'm pulling tons of overtime trying to get my work wrapped up.  As a result, I'm mostly dead-like by the time I get home.  I'll try to have it fixed soon

Possible Downtime

Still trying to figure out why the databases crashed hard.  Going to be taking a look thorough the week at the site to see where I can possibly streamline some of the code.

However, this means possible downtime here and there while I work on it.  If the database crashes hard again, the site will be out until I can fix it.

Sorry about that, guys!
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Lunaescence Down Again

Lunaescence is down yet again, this time due to a database crash.  At this point, I don't know what happened.  I could go into all kinds of technical details, but the gist of it is we crashed our database server.  Hard.

It'll be the weekend before I have time to look at it.  Sorry.
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